First Batch of Accessories on the New GSA

March 25, 2023

That unboxing video got a staggering number of views for me, and it has been fun to engage with people from around the world in the comments. One commenter asked about the accessories that I have put on it. A good YouTuber would make a video about them, yet here we are…

I have a first batch of accessores delivered and installed. Here are details about each.

BMW Motorrad aluminum panniers and top case (black anodized)

+ BMW passenger pads for top case

I visited the local Touratech shop and considered both their panniers and the BMW-branded ones, which are also manufactured by Touratech. The BMW bags have the advantage of fitting onto the factory luggage mounts, and can be configured to match the bike’s ignition key. Both of those are big deals for me. While the Touratech bags are a bit more rugged and higher-end, one has to purchase a new luggage mount frame for them, and dispose of the factory one. Carrying extra keys is something I am loath to do.

So I ordered the BMW bags which install instantly. You do have to also order locks for them, and key the locks to match your ignition key. It only takes a few minutes. Be sure to buy three locks for each pannier (1 that locks them to the mounting frame and 2 for the lid which opens either forward or back), and two for the top case (one to secure it to the frame, one for the lid).

They passenger pads are what you’d expect: Overpriced pads to serve as a backstop for your passenger. Theyr’e easy to install with adhesive backsides.


Lone Rider Headlight Guard Kit

Word is that the replacement unit for the LED Adaptive headlight in a new GSA runs in the thousands of dollars. So it makes great sense to protect them. I liked the looks and modularity of Lone Rider’s Headlight Guard Kit.

It lets you choose between a simple clear layer of protection, or add a lattice with either clear or amber signature LED shape. They are easy to install, I think they look great, and the workmanship from Lone Rider is superb. Here’s how they look with all layers installed:



Lone Rider Kickstand Foot Extension

Nothing is worse that dropping your kickstand and realizing - as your bike falls over - that the surface is too soft to support the bike. It happens in gravel, sand, and even on too-hot asphalt.

For my last GS, I went with an AltRider foot extension.. Since I liked the Lone Rider headlight guard so much, I ordered a foot extender from them this time. It was easy to install and looks great.


BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Cradle

I never loved the slow, antiquated Navitator series of Garmin GPSs. I got the BMW ConnectedRide Cradle and have started using it. I like it much more than the old Nav VI. I’ll do a separate post about this with more details sometime down the road.


CSS Tank Pad(s) from Wunderlich

After the first few dozen miles, I noticed that the top-back of the GSA’s tank was showing scratches. I didn’t remember that on my 2014 GS, so I checked and found that BMW puts a rubber guard on the tank of the GS, but not the GSA. That seems bizarre. But it’s easily fixed.

Wunderlich sells CSS Tank Pads for the GSA. I didn’t want or need the side pads, so those are a wash. But the upper pad works perfectly to keep those pesky zippers off of the clear coat.


Everything Everywhere All At Once

Here are a few shots of the accessories outlined above as the bike is out and about getting break-in miles done. I do have some additional items to install that were holiday gifts from the family, including a very cool Thrashin Bottle Holster that can be mounted almost anywhere on an ADV bike.