Safe riding during COVID-19 and West Coast Wildfires

September 11, 2020

Getting out for a ride during a global pandemic like COVID-19 is hard enough unto itself. Greg, Chris, and I added to the challenge by planning a ride as wildfires were breaking out along the west coast.

We played it smart by keeping multiple options open, which proved vital as roads closed suddenly due to fire and smoke.

We adjusted routes on the fly, and wound up with slog down I-5 to get to our amazing AirBnB in Hood River, Oregon. Along the way, we wore our masks at every single stop. These masks have replaceable N95 filter inserts. We also kept hand sanitizer on the ready at all times, and used it often – including after gassing up.

Over the course of two days, we ate every single meal outdoors. No inside dining at all. Our AirBnB had individual suites that featured private bathrooms for extra safety.

On the second day, we spent our time safely in the saddle, enjoying an incredible route back home through Eastern Washington. The roads included HWY 142 (Klickitat), the Bickleton Highway, and HWY 821 (Yakima Canyon Road). Our complete route is here.

This video takes you along for highlights of the ride, and into the fire-scorched hills that were still smoldering.